Pls Respond (single)

by Gus Rachels

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It's been fifteen seconds since I sent you my message
and I'm wondering if you have seen it yet
If your phone was in your pocket and it wasn’t set on silent
There’s no reason it wouldn’t be in your hand

So if you’ve seen what I sent you and you still have all your fingers
And you still have the ability to read
Then it only makes sense that a reply would be delivered
Unless it has something to do with me….

Oh baby why haven’t you responded to my text
It doesn’t take a lot to hit reply
Oh baby why I can’t help but feel so stressed
My silent phone it makes me wanna cry

It’s been another minute and now I am beginning to
think that you may never text me back
And I’ve felt my heart break before but I wasn’t prepared for your
Merciless and personal attack

And I don’t know why you want me to die
A perilous demise of suffering
Cause that’s the only possible reason why
You’d do something like this to me

Oh baby why haven’t you responded to my text
I’m thinking back: Did I do something wrong?
Oh baby I’m turning into a mess
A minute fifty-five has never felt so long

I give up, now I see
You’ve left me with no choice, that much is clear
And it may seem extreme
But I know just where I have to go from here

Off the grid, make a new life
Because the one that I’ve got now isn’t for me
I’ll be a man, one with the wild
Not tied down by a world of technology

I’m gonna find a spot deep in the woods
Far away from you and everyone
I’m gonna build my house with twigs and leaves
And who says hunting rabbits cant be fun?

And I can’t make fire but I’ve got time to learn
I’ve got my whole life ahead of me
So here I go into the


released June 9, 2017




Gus Rachels

Gus Rachels has always been passionate about rock music, and has been writing and recording original songs since he was eleven years old. Developing and improving his sound with every new release, Rachels's songs showcase gripping hooks, clever lyrics, and an indisputable ability to kick ass. ... more

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