Which is Awesome

by Gus Rachels

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released April 25, 2012

Lyrics and music by Gus Rachels
Vocals by Gus Rachels
All instruments played by Gus Rachels (except for piano on "The Last Minutes," played by Ellen Hardcastle)
Sound editing and mixing by Gus Rachels




Gus Rachels

Gus Rachels has always been passionate about rock music, and has been writing and recording original songs since he was eleven years old. Developing and improving his sound with every new release, Rachels's songs showcase gripping hooks, clever lyrics, and an indisputable ability to kick ass. ... more

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Track Name: Seconds
You say there's too many ways this could go wrong, it's such a waste
But it's better to fail and never do it again than to not try in the first place
You say there's too many consequences
But me and common sense, we have a consensus

You've got three two one no seconds to go
This is your one chance to not spend tonight alone
And I hope you've cleaned up the pizza boxed and soda
Cause I know you're gonna ask her over tonight

You say you can never talk to them, you say there's no way to lure them in
I say there's always a first time for everything so go, go get her man
You say you don't have a chance
But if you've never tried don't say you can't

Come on, she's not gonna wait till dawn
Wait a little bit longer and your chance will be gone
Track Name: Throw it Away
You have everything and you think it makes you better than me
But everybody wants to scream when you talk about your money
Yeah people don't care about your vacation house
Or your Mercedes or your golf course or your yacht or anything else

Now I admit I take life for granted
But everybody knows that we all do
But true troubles, you don't understand them
You take your luxuries for granted too

Yeah if you lost everything you owned you'd understand why people groan when complaints about little things are the only things you say
Now I'm trying to give you respect but in a first world life you lose perspective
You get whatever you want and then you throw it away

Yeah your biggest fear is your cable going down
Or maybe having so much money that your kids will drown
Yeah you hate having to decide on what next you should spend
While everyone else is struggling to pay their rent

Now I'm not much of a dreamer
But if I start rolling in cash
You'll be the one I remember
And I'll try not to be such an ass

You get what you want and you throw it away
That's no way to live
Track Name: Imaginary Girl
Every night I visit you in an apartment I don't know how to get to
And nothing goes wrong, it goes right all night
And then I wake up alone

I don't even know if you exist, oh no
But when I see you in my dreams
You're real enough for me

I'm in love with an imaginary girl
She don't even exist but she's my whole world
And every night when I'm lying in bed I hope that she'll visit me in my head
In my dreams, my imaginary girl

I can't believe that I love someone inside my head
It's like I'm six years old with an imaginary friend
But she's gotta be out there

Can't stop thinking about you
And you're always on my mind
And I'm not gonna lie
I wanna dream of you when I die

I can't take this anymore
I'm sick of seeing you only in my dreams
If I've thought of you before
Then you must be somewhere waiting for me
You just gotta exist
Track Name: Living With Myself
I wake up every morning and it's the same
Same old game, every day
And in a perfect world that day would be fine
But of course, perfect worlds are a lie
It's a fight between me and the world
And I always walk home the loser
I always take the wrong path
And I always finish in last
I turn everyone I meet
Against me, but now I see
You gotta live with yourself
No matter what anyone else says

I gotta live with me
I gotta be who I'll be
Cause at the end of the day
No one else will be there but me

People come and people go
All except for one
You're always gonna be there with yourself
No matter how far you run
You can't be anyone else
So you might as well get along with yourself
Track Name: Stay Away
She was the only one for me
I couldn't see myself with anyone but her
But then she walked away and I didn't know what to say
I couldn't make it a day longer
But eventually I moved on
Because I see that what's gone is gone

Stay away from the ones that hurt you
Even if they try to take you back
Just keep on moving forward
Stay strong and avoid the cracks
Stay away from the ones that hurt you
Even if they mean well
If second, third chances fail them
Well they can just go to hell
You can say goodbye to them

You just met someone new
And you think that no one else could be more perfect for you
But if she walks away let me tell you
There's plenty of other girls that wouldn't
Betray you if it cost them the world
Cause if there's someone that gets by you by cheating and lying
Well you don't owe them anything

Stay away don't into that again
You have no idea what they're hiding
They had their chance and they threw it away
Now take my advice and stay away
Track Name: Babies on Airplanes
When I was in second grade my knee was impaled
On a three-ring binder ring, I was sent to emergency
But that pain is nothing compared to sitting next to babies on airplanes
When I was in seventh grade my girlfriend dumped me on a Friday
I admit to crying but not as much as babies on airplanes

Babies on airplanes they never fail to make you go insane
Babies on airplanes they never shut up
Babies on airplanes they make me want to tear out my brain
Oh, I can't wait until this flight is done

I don't understand why people take their kids
And then put them on a plane and ignore them the whole way
In fact I don't understand why people have kids at all
Track Name: Thoughts About You
I've known you forever but it's like someone threw a switch
I've known you forever but now when I see you I start to itch inside
I feel uncomfortable in my own skin
I wanna just out of it and tell you everything that's been swimming through my head

I thought maybe we could go get coffee or maybe dinner and a movie and
I thought I could stare at you without looking stupid
I think a lot of things and I hope they're all true
But one thing that I know is that I wanna be with you

I like how you can make a joke that's not about sex or celebrities
And I'd say something back but I'm busy staring at my feet because
There are just so many things that are going through my brain
And seeing you looking at me is enough to make me go insane

I thought all those times you said you loved me you didn't mean to be platonic and
I think every time I see you I fall in love again and go catatonic and
I think a lot of things and I hope they're all true
But one thing that I know is that I wanna be with you

We talk and we laugh and we share high five
Your hand on mine is the one thing that reminds me I'm alive
Now I don't know what to do
Except tell you everything I've been meaning to say to you

Oh I thought maybe we could buy a comedy and let it play while we make out instead
I think you might have found that weird so just forget that I said that
I've told you everything and I'm feeling insecure
Now that you know my thoughts tell me what are yours

You just want to be friends now I expected that but it's hard to hear
But even though I didn't get what I want at least I'm free of my fear
Anyways you're a great friend so I don't mind at all
But if you change your mind just give me a call
Give me a call
Track Name: Leave Me Hanging
Tie a leash around my neck, lead me along just like the rest
You treat me like a dog while I treat you like a god
Throw a ball tell me to fetch, care about me less and less
I ask you questions but you'll never say it all
Say it all

Leave me hanging up to dry
You keep on saying just give it time
But then time passes and then you lose interest
And it all just goes to hell
Leave me hanging day and night
Day and night

Gonna take a walk out to the bay, I don't wanna be there just wanna be away from
My catastrophic life
I can never seen to comprehend that all good things come to an end
Things mature over time
Mature over time

I thought you were the one
But now that you're gone
I can't see straight but at least I see
That you were the only hope for me

Leave me hanging up to dry
You keep on saying just give it time
I never wanted this to end
So please come back and leave me hanging again
Track Name: Confirm My Suspicions
I have never thought why I think you would be caught if
I heard you talking when you thought I wasn't around
I would never consider you thinking I was better than
Anybody that you've ever talked about

Confirm my suspicions, you don't need my permission to
Go away and never say you care about me again
And now I am listening for anything hinting that
All those things you told me were lies from the beginning

We've gone through life together since before I can remember
But who's to say that you don't wanna get away
I know times can change and I know people
Others have walked away so I'm just waiting for you to

If no one else loves me then why do you say that you do
It's getting harder for me to believe that you're telling the truth
And when I look into your eyes I see nothing of what I feel when I'm next to you
Track Name: Dream
Hanging up the posters on my wall
Give them an unblinking stare of awe
Put a concert tape in my TV
In my mind I replace the band members with me

Try as I might to get in sight
I've come to realize it's all just a silly dream
In two decades I'll realize my life has gone down the drain
But until that day I'll keep on following my dream

Anything can happen if you're confident
But that doesn't mean it'll be what you want
I'm not saying you'll get nowhere in life
But if nothing works out don't be surprised

Why am I following my dream
Track Name: This Place Better Have Wi-Fi
I can't believe what's gotten into me
Technology, is it a friend or an enemy
Cooped up in my basement hitting refresh every tenth second
All this time on the internet, my last five years haven't been well spent
And when I go away I can't help but say

This place better have wi-fi
I'm an internetaholic on the fly
Got an attraction for the social connection
Between me and everyone else online

You look at it one way the internet's an opportunity
Post your work one day and you could become famous right away
But in 1,826 days I haven't accomplished anything
And even if I got that special call I'd be too busy to hear the telephone ring

And if it doesn't have wi-fi
I would have to be a regular guy
I'd shake some hands and say hello
If I wasn't always checking for a signal
Track Name: Hold Me Back
Every time I take a breath there's one less till my death
And I don't wanna waste one more breath, one more day
I've been stuck like this all my life
But now it's time to take what's mine

I'm done trying to please I'm gonna live for me oh-oh
I've been stuck with this disease of never being free but now
Like 1, 2, 3, say goodbye to me oh-oh
Next time you see me I'm in a magazine, what now
You can't hold me back

When I say seize the day it means leaving them
Because they suck up life, every breath of mine
I've been stuck but now I'm gonna somehow
Start over again, then we'll see who wins

I'm done, I'm done
I'm through with your corporation of lies and taking lives
So now it's time for me to say goodbye

I'm done trying to please I'm gonna live for me
I've been stuck with this disease of never being free
Like - like - say goodbye
Let's make this understood, I'm leaving for good
You can't hold me back