Positivity Streak

by Gus Rachels

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released April 8, 2014

Lyrics and music by Gus Rachels
Vocals by Gus Rachels
All instruments played by Gus Rachels
Sound editing and mixing by Gus Rachels




Gus Rachels

Gus Rachels has always been passionate about rock music, and has been writing and recording original songs since he was eleven years old. Developing and improving his sound with every new release, Rachels's songs showcase gripping hooks, clever lyrics, and an indisputable ability to kick ass. ... more

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Track Name: Why Can't You Leave?
Why can't you leave, why do you say
That you'll be by my side and you're always gonna stay
Why can't you leave, even when I try
To make you take the hint and realize you're wasting my time

And I never said that I needed you
What made you think that I did

Yeah you're never going away from me
Yeah you're never going away from me
Cause I can see the future
Yeah you're never going away from me
Why can't you leave

Why can't I cry, I don't know why
Cause I'm usually miserable almost all the time
Why can't I cry, I don't know why
Why do the bad thoughts go away when you enter my mind

And I never said that I needed you
But somehow you read my mind

Yeah you're never going away from me
Yeah you're never going away from me
And I don't know what to think
Yeah you know you're making me crazy
Why can't you leave
Track Name: Positivity Streak
I never wanted to drop out
But I never knew what they were talking about
And I never wanted to go home
But then again, where else could I go

I'm on a positivity streak and it ain't going away for at least another week
I'm on a positivity streak and it feels so good

I never thought I'd get kicked out
But they said I was bringing the family down
So now they've left me alone to take care of myself
If they don't care about me then they can go to hell

And even though my life's gone to hell
Then it can only get better as far as I can tell
And even though my life's gone to hell
Well then at least it has a home

Just called my mom for her birthday
First time we've talked since 2008
Well the call didn't go exactly as planned
Cause as it turns out I was six days late
Track Name: Lie Down
I'm not feeling today
I don't know why there is anyone who's ever out of bed
I'm not going in today
I'm taking an hour long vacation every hour till I die

Cause the rain is more enjoyable when I'm indoors
And my job is more enjoyable when I'm not there
I'm always on the clock and they don't want me to stop
But that doesn't mean that I can't stop to take a breath

Hey hey hey it's a beautiful day
To lie in bed and forget about everything
Hey hey hey it's a beautiful day
To lie down

I'm not feeling tonight
And I don't want to talk so go away and please turn out the light
Consciousness is a bore
So wake me up when there's something I can live for

Cause the rain is more enjoyable when I'm indoors
And you are more adorable when I'm not yours
I know that I have responsibilities
But my bedroom ceiling is the only thing I wanna see
Track Name: Questions vs. Answers
I see you walking through the door
And I can't stand to look away
You catch me staring one more time
Just like you did yesterday
I don't know why this keeps happening to me
I don't know what's going on

I see you turning on the light
Inside my hollow chest
You're filling up my empty spaces
Why can't I stop thinking of you
And why can't I rest
Why am I even saying this

I don't know, I don't know what to think of you
I don't know, I don't know what to say or do
About you

I see you clearing out a path
Along with twenty other ones
And I don't know which one to pick
Cause I can get there but I can't get back
No matter which one I choose
I think I'm gonna be sick

Can we go, can we go to another place and time
Cause then oh, I could have some peace of mind
I don't know, I don't know whether you'll ever be mine
Cause there's no, there's no way I'll make it out alive

Cause I just can't stop thinking of you and of what you think of me
Yeah I'm going crazy
Baby there's no time like today so I think I know
What I'm gonna do, maybe
Cause when every answer's wrong
Then I gotta pick you
Track Name: Forget Her
Read the note she wrote to me again today
Her signature was melting away
I'd rather know that there's no hope than be unsure
Because that might be a cure

It doesn't matter how many times I've been told that I'm wrong
I'll take anything as a sign

I'm screaming at the world and the world is screaming back
That the ones who don't care don't matter
And I'm trying to defend myself from my heart's brutal attack
Because deep deep down I know I'll never get her
But I need to forget her

Never thought it'd take so long to forget someone
Cause it's nearing on forever
Never thought my dreams could turn out so wrong
Cause that's the only time I see us together

I'm trying to reign it in but my heart is long gone
And I keep telling myself lie after lie
Track Name: Seven Eight Nine
I never thought about anything
I never knew I'd get so so stuck to you
I see you across the hall of other girls
I see you would be so good here next to me

Why don't I try, why don't I try to walk up to you
Why don't I try, why don't I try to say something
Something to you

I know I've been less than a perfect gentlemen
I can't find the words that will make you see through me

It's a good time, it's a good time to share my feelings
Oh who am I, oh who am I, who am I kidding
Never mind

And I know that I should face you
Cause this feeling won't end
So I'm gonna talk to you on the count of ten
Count of ten

One, two, three, four, five, six

Seven eight nine, seven eight nine, and I'm getting closer
To the right time, to the right time, oh I'm getting nearer
Seven eight nine
I'm never making it to ten
I'm never making it to ten
Track Name: Fifteen Years
I remember the day you were put under my feet
Everybody cried for you in the cemetery
No one knew just how much you meant to me
And I'll wait for you, but will you wait for me

Oh baby you've spent such a long time underground
And I'm searching for a sign from you but it can't be found
If you've moved on, well that's okay, I understand
Cause fifteen years is a long time to be dead

I remember the weeks after you said goodbye
You slipped right out of everyone's short attention minds
But that's not me, I still call you mine
But are you the same after all this time

And everybody else has forgotten your face
But I see it every day at every place
And when we meet again what are you gonna say
Cause fifteen years is a while to be away

Life without you is such a bore
Every day I pray you'll walk through the door
But when I finally meet my end
Am I gonna find you with another man

Everybody now is saying that I'm crazy
Cause I keep on calling my long dead girlfriend my baby
But who will be laughing when I look down from above
Having finally been reunited with my love

But just to say, just to say
That's a long way off
Can you wait, can you wait
Can you wait for me, my love
Track Name: Wherever Home Is
Coming out of isolation
Ready to start over again
This rock was getting kinda comfortable
But every beginning has an end

I don't know where I'll go
I don't know what I know

But just take me home, wherever that may be
Just take me home, wherever that may be
Just take me home

Living on hopes and dreams
Just ain't like what it seems
Believing what you can't see
Just ain't what I thought it'd be
Yeah it ain't for me

I don't know why I try
To breathe new life into something I know will die

And I'm so sick of pretending I belong
And I'm so sick of smiling and playing along
The countdown's started and it's getting close
To the time where I'll be no more than a ghost here
Track Name: How Does it Feel
Every time I talk to you I plan out what to say
Hoping this could very well be our lucky day
And I stress and worry and freak and cry about nothing at all
While you stand unfazed in the back of my mind, shrugging me off

And when I see you walking down the street
Praying to God that you'll look at me
It's an easy quick decision inside your head
That could ruin my day

How does it feel to drive someone crazy
How does it feel to know you're in control
How does it feel to know that you're the answer now

Love the way you brushed me off again the other day
It's cute the way your shoulder looks when it's turned the other way
And I get the hint every time you act like a brick wall
So go ahead and push me down, I gotta long way to fall

And I know I'm being unhealthy
Obsessive, and a little clingy
But I only want what I just can't have
Now how's that fair

...When I try to open up my soul
How does it feel to know that you're wanted
How does it feel to know that someone cares
How does it feel to know what you're gonna be

...Be the cause of me tearing out my hair
How does it feel to receive attention
How does it feel to know you're not alone
How does it feel to have someone else's
Problems not become your own
Track Name: We Move On
What do you do when the man of your dreams turns out to be a lie
Will you just lay down and cry
And what do you do when she walks out on you for the third time in a row
Will you never let it go, no

We move on, we move on
We look to the horizon
We move on, we move on
Yeah you're not done, there's more than one

That's it, you say, that was the last one
I've exhausted my chances to love
But you said that last time, remember
But they were the one, end game, said and done
Now I have nothing left to live for
Well then you don't even know what you're waiting for

These cries of love turn into cries of help
As is often the case
But we don't slow down, no we move on
And we keep on fighting till the cycle breaks