Isolation Generator

by Gus Rachels

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released July 4, 2015

Lyrics and music by Gus Rachels
All instruments played by Gus Rachels
Sound mixing and producing by Gus Rachels
Album art by Gus Rachels
Muffins baked by Gus Rachels




Gus Rachels

Gus Rachels has always been passionate about rock music, and has been writing and recording original songs since he was eleven years old. Developing and improving his sound with every new release, Rachels's songs showcase gripping hooks, clever lyrics, and an indisputable ability to kick ass. ... more

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Track Name: Good Morning Monday
I didn't sleep too well
Two hours under my belt
The weekend went to hell
And I don't wanna talk about it

But time keeps rushing on and I cannot stop it
Put my memories inside my pocket
Gotta seize the day or at least make contact
Cause there's no jumping forward, there's no turning back

Good morning Monday
I'm gonna kick your ass into the ground
Till everyone knows my name
I'm making plans and I'm making sound
Nothing can stand in my way
Because I'm done thinking about the past
Good morning Monday
I'm gonna kick your ass

So here I am
This week's got nothing on me
I'm gonna take a stand
And then everybody will see that I am

In control of everything around me
Taking it day by day and you know I'm winning
My mind is racing and my heart is pounding
Oh, I can't help but dance, I can't help but sing

Good morning Monday
I'm gonna kick your ass into the ground
And there's no ifs or maybes
I know exactly what I'm about
I gotta good feeling
And I know it's gonna last
Good morning Monday
I'm gonna kick your ass
Track Name: Major League Sucker
You're taking me for a ride
Through your crazy life
And I know what you think about
Your transparency poisons my mind
Your heart's right on your sleeve
That's okay cause so is mine
We bleed onto the floor and we
Don't know how to mop it up this time

And you promised me we'd improve
But after eight more months of heartbreak I don't know what to do
But I'll say it again, I love you
Even though it's so hard to do

Every time my hope is gone
You manage to pull yourself up
But then every time we have the chance to
Take a step forward you fall down
The more that we can gain
Just causes us more pain
And the more we have to win
The more it hurts when we lose

So fill up my head with your lies
I promise I'll believe them all
My loyalty never dies
My love will never fall

And you promised me baby oh yeah
But now I'm stuck waiting for next fucking year
But I'll say it 107 times
I'll love you 'til I die
Track Name: The Heart Defies
I try not to speak to you in code
But you sense my dismal undertone
And the floodgates open all too fast
And out spill the words that would be our last and

I blew it all on a whim
Now I'll never see you again
And I know it was right, but tonight
I feel oh so alone

I know I'm on the right path
I know you have better plans
I know I'm the one that tore up apart
So why do I have a broken heart?

Everything is duller now
All the joys I feel are on mute somehow
And I still have things to smile about
But what's the point when I'm just smiling to myself?

And I say it hurts so bad
Cause you're in my mind but not in my life
And how is it possible
My life feels full of you and empty of you at the same time

And nothing worked out as I thought
We're so much worse off than before the start
I'm sick of breaking hearts, I'm sick of telling lies
And I know that this was right but my heart defies

I know I'm on the right path
I know you have better plans
I know I'm where I'm supposed to be
So why am I crying myself to sleep?
So why do I not know where to start?
So why do I, so why do I
So why do I have a broken heart?
Track Name: July 8, 2014
I wrote you off just like the other ones
Before I knew you were much more than that
I spoke of you just as a story
But I didn't know you weren't just in my past
And I'm never gonna be the one to call you mine
I wish that I had known that before
Cause now I'm all alone and you're on my mind
And I don't know If I can take much more

I could walk for miles in every direction
And never find a one like you
I could try for years to find a connection
But with you I'm one, without I'm split in two

How am I supposed to get you off of my mind
Could you tell me that before you go
How am I supposed to tell you that I am fine
Cause when I see your face, my heart hits another low
Track Name: All the Reasons
You broke my heart, you spat it out
You tore it apart, threw it on the ground
For all these years you fooled around
Then you disappeared without a sound
Now you show up again, telling me I'm your friend
Telling me that the end of us wasn't the end
Saying there's a chance, saying that I ought
To forgive you, to give you a shot

Gimme gimme all the reasons you think I should come back
Gimme gimme all the reasons one by one
Gimme gimme all the reasons until I'm sick of hearing of you
And I'll turn around and walk away when you're done

You gave me hell if you couldn't tell
From the notes I wrote and the tears that fell
Now you think that you're mine, after all this time
That you're the only one on my mind
Well I got some bad news, I've moved on from you
Just as people do, just as you should too
Because there's no way I'm ever gonna say
That you're the one I'm thinking of today

Gimme gimme all the reasons you think I should come back
Gimme gimme all the reasons one by one
Gimme gimme all the reasons until I remind you we're through
And I'll turn around and walk away when you're done

And you don't have control anymore
Now I'm the one that's walking out the door
And you can't say what I can or can't do
Cause finally I got rid of you
Track Name: Dream Girl
Everyone has the girl of their dreams
Although a lot of times they're not like what they seem
And everyone hopes that they'll find the one
But enough failed attempts and they'll be done
But I'm not like the rest, yeah this I know
Cause to find my dream girl I know where I have to go
You know it's you and you didn't even try
So now I'll give you all the reasons why

You're my dream girl
Because you make no fucking sense
And when I talk about you no one listens
You're my dream girl
Cause I was only with you one night
And when I wake up after you, nothing seems right
Nothing seems right

I thought you meant something to me but you really don't
And I hope that you'll come back but I know you won't
Memories are fading fast of what we did
But I know you made me do some stupid shit

I never asked for you, never thought I'd have sex with you
Both those things just happened to me
Every time I try to take control of the situation
You disappear and darkness is all I see
Darkness is all I see

Oh, you're my dream girl
But I wish I never slept
Track Name: The New Part
Thought this was forever for a moment or two
I thought you were the one for me but we never saw it through
I thought you'd always be by my side when I never was my yours
And now we're both each taking a ride on our separate life tours

And now I'm falling apart
And I don't know where to start

Hey, welcome to the new part
Hey, welcome to the first time in the dark
Hey, welcome to a new life
Hey, oh maybe I can see this right

Ten short weeks and then one more was all that we had
But that feels like a lifetime shoved in a garbage bag
I didn't know how wrong I was but I never was sure
The lies they filled up to my eyes and the truth it went ignored

And now you're going away
And all I have to say

Hey, welcome to the new part
Hey, welcome to the first time in the dark
Hey, welcome to being all alone
Hey, maybe one day I'll find a home

I never wanted this to happen at all
I took too many chances and it made me fall
Track Name: Almost Made It
It started out as a joke
Though was it really ever that inside my heart
It almost never awoke
How many times did I nearly quit before the start
Saw people come and go
But eventually the good ones started to stay
And now I'll always know
What it's like to try your best and fail

And everybody wrote us off
But they might have spoken just a little bit too soon
We're strong and we're tough, oh

And we almost made it this time
To the chance to almost win
And we never crossed the line
But maybe that's a good thing

To think that I would have known
That you would be the one that's in my eyes
It's not a stretch to guess
But I didn't think it till I realized
That it's far too late
To go back to where my mind was when we met
And now I'm fighting myself
Trying to remember, trying to forget

And now I'm stuck between two rocks
They're pulling me apart but I know that they're both pulling me down
I gotta let myself free

And I almost made it this time
To almost creating a new mess
And I never spoke my mind
But maybe that's for the best
Track Name: You and I
Life has a funny way of working out
Just when I thought I had nothing to smile about
And angel was sent to me and it was sent in the form of you baby
Now I have nothing left to figure out
All of my questions and answers lead to you
You're so damn beautiful I can't believe it's true
That no one's calling you theirs but here we are
And the only thing I care about is
Being with you and see what we can do

You and I are meant to last
Yeah you treat me right and I don't have to ask
You and I together, it all happened so fast
You and I are on a roll
Yeah I know what I want, yeah I just wanna grow old
With you by my side now my life can unfold

I have something else I must confess
If you promise that you won't think of me less
I've thought about you for far too long
And I know I'm crazy and I know this sounds wrong but
This was my goal all along

You and I are so in tune
And I can't help but smile when I think of you
And I can't believe that you think the same of me
You and I can become one
And I'm stare in your eyes under the setting sun
And know there is nowhere that I would rather be

I know I'll never throw you away
There's nothing now that can stand in our way
Track Name: Isolation Generator
I fucked up again, big surprise
Here's the end of the next story I'll write
And they all begin the same I know
But when it's all said and done I'm alone

I'm an isolation generator, oh yeah
And I'm running on a yearly cycle of pain and agony
And I miss her but I hate her, oh yeah
Same for the ones before and after it's the same old story

I don't know what my problem is
Don't know why I can't make anything last
I either care too much or I care too less
And either one's gonna bite me in the ass

I'm an isolation generator, oh yeah
And I've got a great talent of fucking up every time
If love's a game and I'm a player, oh yeah
Then I've got a losing streak that's lasted my whole life

And when it's all said and done I'm alone
No one left to tell me that I was the one meant for them
And you don't have to tell me because I know
That after the next one I'm gonna isolate myself again

I'm an isolation generator, oh yeah
And it's easier to tell you the mistakes I haven't made
And there's so many others out there, oh yeah
So many more opportunities to drive someone else away
Track Name: Out of/Into
Never before did I think that I would lay my eyes on someone like
You and now
I can't stop remembering the first time that we ever met and I
Keep writing
Your name over and over again inside my notebook while I'm in class
And I'm lost
In your eyes every chance that I get and now this feeling's growing fast
Oh no now

I've long since lost my chance to let you go
And I just can't help wanting to know
When will you

Get, get, get, get, get, get out of my head, and
Get, get, get, get, get, get into my bed
I want you where it matters so get underneath the covers baby
Get, get, get, get, get, get out of my head
And into my bed

It's always frustrating when I picture all these scenes inside my mind
And I can't
Dismantle the fictionality of my daydreams but every time
I try to
Find my way around the inconvenience of the world's reality
So I'm stuck
Trying to get over the fact that there's no such thing as you and me
I know that

What I'm about to say will never happen
I couldn't ask without you laughing
But I want you to

Get, get, get, get, get, get out of my head, and
Get, get, get, get, get, get into my bed
I want you where it matters so get underneath the covers with me
Get, get, get, get, get, get out of my head
And into my bed

And it's hopeless cause I'll never say any of these words to you
And I know this cause I wanna spend tonight and every night with you
But you're right, I'm out of my mind
If I think that we'll touch any more than our sight
I know that I'm wrong, I've waited too long
To make any more from you than this song
So I'll just sing
Track Name: A Surprise Visitor
We thought that we were all alone
We sent out a call and nobody answered the phone
We thought that we were doomed to kill ourselves
We didn't know that it would be by anyone else

But here they come, one by one
In their giant ships blocking out the sun
We raised a flag, now it's in flames
They don't have time for our stupid games

Get your gun and get your rope
Grab your hon cause they're taking the globe
Screw the peace and run away
Because they're not showing any mercy

I haven't gotten a good look at one
But I've seen the destruction that they've caused
And there's no time to check on my family and friends
A moment's hesitation and I'll join them in the end

And no one is safe tonight
Because they're burning everything in sight
And this ain't our home anymore
Because we know who's gonna win the war

The human race is coming to an end
Even if we survive, we won't be living
Cause this planet's overrun
By the unknown, by the alien
Track Name: The Muffin Analogy
I have always said
I should look ahead
For I haven't seen yet
A day I'll never forget

But it's hard to see ahead
When everything in my past is dead
And what can I base my dreams on when all I have is lost
How can I move on

Then you say to me
I make you happy
I didn't think that I could
Change anything about who I was

Put one muffin in the oven
It sure as hell is gonna burn
You gotta spread your love and spread your mind
So you can stay alive

Take me on a ride into the night
Tell me everything's gonna be alright
Make me thankful for every mistake I've made
Cause they all led me here