!​!​!​!​! - EP

by Gus Rachels

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released March 22, 2013

Lyrics and music by Gus Rachels
Vocals by Gus Rachels
All instruments played by Gus Rachels
Sound editing and mixing by Gus Rachels




Gus Rachels

Gus Rachels has always been passionate about rock music, and has been writing and recording original songs since he was eleven years old. Developing and improving his sound with every new release, Rachels's songs showcase gripping hooks, clever lyrics, and an indisputable ability to kick ass. ... more

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Track Name: Reflected Dialogue
You always tell me I'm not enough
And I always say the same to you
Simultaneously speaking we both tear each other apart
But I don't want that now 'cause see when I see you now I see me

I am somebody, I am somebody
And I'm a winner
I am not a joke, I am not a joke
I say to the mirror

Being the same, we are together
We are one, we cannot part
I look at you reflecting my movements and I just don't know where to start
Getting along because it's been so long since we've both done that
Track Name: Painless
Time flies by and we're on our way
But sometimes I get a feeling just like today
A feeling that I can't shake
Through my life I've tried to wing it
But now lately I've been thinking
Been thinking that it's all a mistake

Now I don't wanna wait so listen to me
This will be as painless as you want it to be
But please understand I don't mean any harm
But with all due respect my dear
I think it's best if we just move on

Hush now baby don't say a word
Cause I've said I'm sorry now for the third time
But my apologies don't help
And I know that you think if I'm gone
You won't be able to move on
And you'll just collect dust on a shelf

But there's a silver line to me saying goodbye
Cause if you give it time you'll meet a better guy
And he'll love you more than I ever did
And I know he's out there but you, you just gotta find him

Time moves on, people move on
I moved on, so why can't you move on?
Track Name: Bearable
I will never understand you any more than you said that I would
When we decided to try to understand each other now
And that's okay I don't need to
If that's okay with you

You know you make my life bearable
At least more bearable than before
You know there's no other variable
I don't know what else I could ask for

I have tried to make it right with all the people I said that I'd like
But they've all faded into the contacts folder on my phone
And I don't know if it'll happen again
On mine or on yours, but

Something tells me it's not right
But something tells me that you're a delight
And I don't wanna let go of you
Even if I try
Track Name: You're Unlikable (I'm Unlikable)
You wanna find someone new
But let's face facts, no one's gonna take you
You're insufferable and unattractive
If someone said they loved you they'd be acting
No one likes you

I've been trying for too long
Tried to follow my heart, but hearts are always wrong
Yeah I'm unlikable too
And that's why I should be with you

You're unlikable, I'm unlikable now
So we can't belong with anyone else
You're unlikable, I'm unlikable now

We may not like each other, but we should deal with it
So nobody else has to put up with our shit
Yeah, we're doing the world a favor
By only talking to each other
No one likes us

Maybe if we spend all our time together
Then we could just maybe grow to tolerate each other
Track Name: The Future's Coming
I thought it'd always be the same
A static day over and over again
I didn't think my ways would change
But I was a different person then

This old year's been okay
And this new year's gonna be great
I'll fight for my life just to keep my life the same
This old year's been all right
But this new year's running out of time
The future's coming fast and I can't run away

I finally got my way
Yeah, I finally had my day
But I know that it isn't true that it all comes back to you
Oh no, but I finally got my way

The seconds are racing faster and faster, trying to get ahead of one another
And the minutes are racing faster and faster, the better I am the faster they go
And the hours are trying to find a disaster in my future that I don't even know about
And the days, the good ones, limited as ever, and the more that I have the less that I'll know
And the years are waiting patiently by for hours and days to catch up to them
And then they'll all go off together, leaving the past behind
If I could just grab one second I'd be fine